My Macedonia Blog


Hi there! I am Dennis and I am living in the Netherlands together with my Macedonian girlfriend. This website describes our travels in Macedonia and can be divided into 3 parts:

  1. Hiking in Macedonia
  2. Places to see in Macedonia
  3. General information about Macedonia

The information on this website has been collected during more than 15 years of regular visits to Macedonia. Over the years this beautiful country has had several names ranging from Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Macedonia, Macedonia and since 2019 Republic of North Macedonia. Since most of the information on this website was collected when the country was simply referred to as Macedonia, which is also the name most Macedonians prefer, this is how it is called on my pages.

Because I only write about places in Macedonia that we have visited ourselves, I am sure that there will be a few places that are still missing. If you think that I missed something worth while, please let me know via the contact form!

The same is true for the hikes: We have personally walked these trails, and they were safe unless clearly indicated in the descriptions. The fact that many of the hikes are located around Ohrid and in Mavrovo National Park does not mean that there are no good hiking opportunities in the rest of Macedonia: It’s simply because we spent a lot of time in these regions. The list with hikes will grow after each new visit!